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Gold Facial



It is a customized treatment to clean and to leave your skin shines radiating and fresh. It helps you to remove dead cells and to clean pores for a sensation of smoothness in your face. This treatment we finalized it with a special mask for each type of skin.

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Acne Facial

$70 Book an Appointment

An intense face therapeutic for skins with acne, using exclusive products for this type of skin to improve the aspect of the skin and thus it shines healthful.

Special Facial

$75 Book an Appointment

An unique facial enriched in minerals and oxygenate, where we made a deep cleaning of your skin and sealed this type of face with a cold mask with surprising results since these masks with seaweed give to your skin a deep oxygenation and vitamins, but depending on your type of skin we come to apply the most indicated since we counted on an ample range of oxygenates masks PEEL-OFF

Hydrating Facial

$60 Book an Appointment

Excellent treatment for skins tired, without brightness nor luminosity or damaged by the sun, provides unique results to hydrate and to nourish the skin with regenerative and highly moisturizes products.

Lifting Facial

$70 Book an Appointment

Beautiful and rejuvenating treatment to help to slow down the exclusively designed effects of premature flaccidity of the skin by means of very smooth waves and products to help to prevent, to slow down and to improve the natural aspect of the skin.

Gold Facial

$140 Book an Appointment

This 24 carat luxurious golden ritual mask, we used this treatment to slow down the cellular, ideal aging for aged skins, without brightness, tone and little collagen; it benefits giving luminosity, silkiness to you and an immediate effect lifting, stimulates the production of the elastin in a 41%, diminishes the depth of wrinkles in a 55%, increases of the hydrate of the skin in a 31% and increases collagen in 230%.


$120 Book an Appointment

Approved technique to remove the cells died without pain or annoyance, to repair the appearance of the skin, is successful to reduce opened pores, scars of acne, lines of expression and wrinkles, to improve the steaks, skins damaged by the sun, reduces heavy areas, spots and scars and stimulates the production of healthy cells. After a treatment your skin will be smooth, clean and with a uniform color.

Glycolic Acid

$60 & Up Book an Appointment

In order to obtain that your skin is sees more uniform, with smaller pores, to diminish spots and until disappearing we used them this deep exfoliation technique with chemical substances to remove the skin. With this exfoliation the skin is obtained that the skin eliminates the layers of dead cells and renews more quickly, producing more collagen making the skin radiant and fresh. We handled different types from acids and depending del that we use according to your type of skin or condition we can even improve the lines of expression and wrinkles, to improve the acne or to even improve the appearance of scars and thus the skin is seen more healthful and vibrant.


$60 & Up Book an Appointment

We have the CryoProbe® treatment to frozen warts using liquid nitrogen; also we used this technique to remove spots of the hands and the body and in some cases of removing permanent makeup . Another technique that we used to remove warts is by means of the heat where one is required or more sessions according to need our client. Thus it will be able to see its skin without no imperfection, healthy and smooth.

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